Refinery29 x Sleek – Off The Record Series

“In an industry that can feel closed and ruthless at times, RCA Records senior urban artist manager, Parris OH isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. Working her way up through Sony Music over the last four years, her success has been driven by a strong sense of identity, finding community in her peers and inspiring a culture of lifting up those around her.Whether it be through her style, friends or voice on platforms like Reprezent Radio, Parris channels her passion for music and representation into everything she does. Advocating strongly for the new generation of music execs who are pushing the industry towards a more diverse future, Parris knows that the key is networking sideways, not upwards, to create positive disruption and form friendships that go beyond the workplace. Parris introduces us to some of the women who are part of her story, including Janette Quaye, Abisola Oke and Natty Kasambala – just a few of the people that she knows will continue to thrive and change the future of the creative industries.” Copywriting for whole series and brief appearance in episode 4.




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