Kojey Radical for the Winter issue of Wonderland closeup


Kojey Radical profile

Natty Kasambala meets Kojey Radical, the eclectic renaissance man bringing a richly textured new sound to the British rap game and beyond.

Complex UK:

Roses Gabor is striving to be the water, not the wave

“Gabor’s tone, tempo and surrounding production have always demonstrated the wide-spanning nature of her voice and message, and the same rings true on Fantasy & Facts, her 11-song debut album. On this record, she laces her opulent vocals as convincingly over the bass-filled funk beats of her previous discography as she does over stripped back, tinkering pianos and synth-heavy jams. From the sweetly triumphant, romantic confessional “I Could Be Yours” to the infectious dance bop “Turkish Delight”, or the intimate and stirring ballad “Perfect Magnitude”, this project is a deeply nourishing exploration of the British-Grenadian artist’s wealth of tenderness and range.”

Beautiful images of what being Black, British & Muslim means Ejatu Shaw’s Poly-

“The title of the series, Poly-, mirrors the all-encompassing nature of Shaw’s own cultural positioning – both in its actual Greek meaning of “many” or “plural”, and in the open-ended nature of the prefix itself. With named pieces playing on the boundless possibilities, such as Polyglot, meaning speaker of many languagesPolypnea, defined as rapid panting, and Polydipsia, meaning excessive thirst, the series spans Shaw’s quest for sexual liberation, the isolation of language barriers and anxiety in the face of impossible expectations, as well as much more.”

How to take up space in a man’s working world

“While women in positions of power have become an actual thing that actually happens within actual companies and corporations in actual real life, it’s also a relatively new thing. Meaning it’s often hard to find role models, or simply a female counterpart to turn to when you need a bit of advice. And Otegha Uwagba knows all too well how it feels to be in this position.”

Blues & Soul:
Khalid: The A Teen – Cover Story

“So often you hear the saying that youth is wasted on the young, but with the release of Khalid’s debut album American Teen at the ripe old age of 19, the first impression you get is that he’s utilising every morsel of it. The teen singer shifted into popular consciousness with modern day love song “Location”, after posting the track online in May 2016. The tune perfectly encapsulated romance in the digital age with lines like “I don’t want to fall in love off a subtweet, so let’s get personal” and carved out a unique space for his music, striking a clever balance between the realms of R&B and pop’s universal youth appeal. The very same track that sparked critical recognition for the artist has now amassed almost 70 million streams on Soundcloud alone, never mind its Platinum certification or the 370 million streams on Spotify since its official release as a single.”


Introducing Rai-Elle – the refreshing new voice of UK R&B

“It’s not often that an X-Factor finalist leaves the show and goes on to release a music video where the settings include – in an authentic, not gentrifying way – what looks like South London black hair shop and an abundance of black girl joy and friendship. But from her intimate lyrics and to her distinctly London charisma and style, it’s clear that Croydon-grown singer Rai-Elle was destined to transcend beyond her televised launch pad.”

Introducing Vagabon: ‘This is who I am. My music is what I’m offering.’ – Taken from print issue no.2

“Meet Vagabon, the Brooklyn-based singer, producer and musician, who released her critically acclaimed album Infinite Worldson Father/Daughter Records earlier this year. Fresh from a European tour with a sold out date in London and a spot supporting Tegan and Sara, there is no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with.

The brains, hands, and voice behind the project is Lætitia Tamko, a Cameroon-born New York-bred 24-year-old with the collected coolness of all your faves combined and a set of pipes to match.”