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Black women shouldn’t have to perform their pain to be taken seriously

So often, Black women are commended for our ‘strength’ and power, while we are mined for innovation and creativity. The world showers stars like Megan with adoration while she entertains them, but dismisses her humanity when she needs it most. In our times of need, the trope of the Strong Black Woman harms us gravely. After the Instagram Live, Megan posted a selfie dolled up in an immaculate face of makeup, adorned with jewels, with a caption that read: ‘Unbreakable’. But the truth is that she is not. None of us are.

Only in retrospect, when the myth of the Unbreakable Black Woman is proven false – when we snap or shatter or are taken in the night – do we have the world’s attention.  It’s reminiscent of the way we demand ‘justice’ for murdered activist Toyin Salau, or railway worker Belly Mujinga, or victims of police brutality like Breonna Taylor and Sandra Bland after they are already gone.

Too often, society only stands up to protect Black women once it’s too late. We need to ask ourselves why we think that’s enough.


There’s so much wrong with that Liam Neeson interview—we’ve only just scratched the surface

“The conversation that followed has found a strange and close focus on whether Neeson should be praised for his honesty or damned for his behaviour in the first place. But this story, and the things that are wrong with it, needs some unpacking beyond the headline quote. We decided to do just that.”

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The Line of Best Fit:
How SZA’s ‘Drew Barrymore’ told the truth and changed the game

“SZA set a new standard for honesty and heroism in songwriting this year, with a song that the imperfect and endlessly complex.”

5 years after Channel Orange, noone sounds like Frank Ocean

“Unpacking why the idiosyncratic singer-songwriter’s debut studio album is still a symbol of innovation and individuality.”

The people living at Grenfell Tower predicted this tragedy

“Residents at Grenfell repeatedly voiced concerns that their management organisation was ‘playing with fire’, and that only a catastrophic event could expose their incompetency.”

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